To Grant all Current Refugees and Asylum Seekers Permanent Residency Status.

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All refugee claimants in Canada are ready to work and serve, to foster the economic growth of Canada by growing her population. Canada leads the world in showing compassion to grant a pathway to Permanent Residency, so let the converted refugees fill the gap of rural and labour shortages in Canada.

It is a known fact that all Refugee Claimants in Canada do love, cherish and wish to be absorbed into the mainstream of the Canadian World. They are all ready to work assiduously, and perhaps ready to live and die for Canada as a Nation. Most of these Refugees are learned with at least a first degree from a higher learning institution. Many have lived in Canada for over 2-3 years without a single criminal record. It's like a paradox when a nation in serious or urgent need to increase her work force and population - still denies lots of refugee claims and put them on deportation proceedings.

If any human being who is ready to live peacefully and abide by all laws and order, complying to all rules and regulation; ready to give life their best in Canada, they are a good breed that co-exist nicely and will make a good citizen; regardless of what brought them to Canada.

For the mere fact that people run into Canada void of economic reasons, living all that they have worked for, all their lives, they must have a very strong persecution or something militating against their lives. It is not a good feeling for an adult to forsake their homeland no matter what; except for situations beyond their control, though they may not be able to fully articulate those causes.

It will be like heaven descending into the lives of these humans; that are like a lamb led to slaughter. If and when pronouncement of freedom and amnesty are made to all current refugee claimants in Canada; their future will suddenly become enlightened, immense joy rekindled, a sigh of hope is released into their lives. Greater love for Canada and her government will increase, more eagerness to serve Canada will burst open and energy renewed. If the Canadian Government asked them to move into the rural areas to fill gaps of labor deficiency, refugees would be willing. Just by a government directive or request. Canada would be better for it.

All Current Refugees deserve a Permanent Residency

Sincerely Yours,

TAMOGO Foundation & Refugees & Asylum Seekers throughout Canada