The WORLD must start shutting borders and quarentining now before it’s too late

The WORLD must start shutting borders and quarentining now before it’s too late

March 12, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by KA Jack

The WORLD is under ATTACK.  One new virus’s ability to take hold today is a prescreen of what’s to come in future years IF we fail to see that world governments are more concerned with economic rather than the health of its citizens. Today, it is the old and sick targeted by this new pathogen... in the future it could be the young who are on the receiving end.  Governments should be taking immediate, drastic and coordinated action to stop this virus and should not be complacent until it is contained and wiped out. 

There has been enough recent data to show that this is spreading at an exponential rate and the figures of infections do not accurately reflect the true rate circling the globe. The US is target to be the next Italy.  Canada is its neighbour with open borders. Ample amounts of tests are not being carried out by countries.  This spread needs to stop as the evidence is mounting that this is spreading BEFORE people show symptoms through viral shedding. 

the governments of the world must act now to:

1. More testing, close borders, social distancing, quarantining and restricted air travel world wide

2. work together for the betterment of mankind and to learn from this.  This isn’t a national matter.  This is a world catastrophe and this will happen again. 

3. Citizens need to display responsibility towards those who, if they catch this it is a death sentence.

4. economies will not improve with the fear of this pandemic.  Control of this virus should be public enemy number one.  

5. Transparency  about true testing rates and infections should be updated twice daily.  The truth, regardless of economic impact, should be spoken to the citizens of the world

6. Money should be used to support families while in quarantine and banks should be mandated to offer moratorium and mortgages and other financial obligations.

7. this needs to be done immediately before the horse has completely bolted and must be done in a world wide coordinated effort.  If not reinfection will occur.

8. While the wealthy of the world flee to bunkers in countries with no cases, and isolate themselves with private doctors, the government leaves us to fend for ourselves  while they hog tie us with bureaucratic rope. This virus has no political affiliation. 

This containment will only succeed if we the people of the world unite and take back our power. Social responsibility is the most united thing of all. People  of the world please unite to hold those governments who see us expendable accountable for their  lack of leadership and due care.  Please sign and protect the most vulnerable of the world.  


Picture taken from the South China morning post

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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