The Removal Of Peanuts/Nuts from Airlines

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Good afternoon everyone! Thank you so much for getting me past my goal of 10,000 signatures! I have already sent an email regarding the petition and requesting a meet-up to Marc Garneau (minister of transport), and our very own... Justin Trudeau!! He is yet to get back to me and I will keep you all posted on the good news. Secondly, One of my dearest friends, Debbie Bruce from the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative has also started a petition, on behalf of her website and organization. It would be so helpful if you would all go check out her petition at the link below. There are no age requirements as anyone is able to sign. :) Remember, regardless of how many petitions there are on the same topic, the more actions being taken, the bigger effect it will have on the end result. We are all petitioning for the same thing! To reduce the risk of anaphylaxis while on a flight, as well as requesting Epinephrine Auto Injectors (EAI) to be on board at all times. It is not a necessity to have peanuts and nuts on board! Thanks in Advance Your Pay It Forward Ambassador Luke Sullivan

Luke Sullivan
5 years ago