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Canada needs to change its child and youth protection standards for children/youth in and out of care. 

By LAW even if a mother has 6 children in foster care, under a continuing custody order; she can still go on to have another BABY and bring that baby home . While her other children remain in care. The mother (parents) gets to try again ... and again.. and again... whether she's using drugs or not... whether theyre a high risk or not .. the parents always get another chance. But what about the child ? What about the infant that may or may not have been exposed. Being sent home to a parents known to relapse? Who's protecting that baby? Yes the parents may want to do their best, but there's a reason the other children are under CCO's. Parents should have to take care of oldest to youngest. The older children can usually say if they are being abused.. an infant can not. Why is Canada's child welfare system putting the most vulnerable at risk? Justin Trudeau, when will Canada's most vulnerable get protection? The laws need to be adjusted. Private agency's (such as Xyholmeyh) acting on behalf of aboriginal communities NEED to be reviewed. Why is it always the aboriginal children/youth dying and being abused in care? Someone needs to step up and take over. LAWS need to be changed. Loopholes should not count when a child's developing years are at risk. Families are desperately trying to take care of their family members, but are being denied to do so because of the parents not wanting it. Using up VALUABLE resources such as foster homes who could be used for actual kids that don't have healthy BLOOD families willing and able to care for the children. Parents get to repeatedly; get their children home to relapse. Have the kids taken away. Parents are doing better a year or two later kids go back home and the parents relapse again. You would think the ministry wouldn't send the kids home a third time . But they do! Again and again! The abuse, the trauma/stress of each removal on those children. There's a reason we have so many addiction problems . Kids are being ripped from home to home never having the stability of a forever family. Never getting the sense of stability. The cycle of abuse continues and sadly not many get away. Please! Please! Please! Change our Child and youth protection standards before more children are abused in the system !!!

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