Make professional Kickboxing legal in Canada

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Currently, professional kickboxing is not legal in Canada.

This is lost income from kickboxing events. Local professional kickboxing events require people to be hired. Money to be spent on advertising. Cash influx into the economy from ticket, concession and memorabilia sales. Companies that promote kickboxing would spend big money on advertising, plus they would need to hire DJs, security, doctors, refs etc..

Keeping pro kickboxing illegal forces Canadian fighters to fight outside of Canada or at underground events, which puts their safety at risk. By legalizing professional kickboxing in Canada, you are creating standards that must be met which benefits the fighters and fans.

As a fan of kickboxing, and a fan of martial arts, its sad seeing so many kickboxers with such potential not being able to do what they want in a safe manner. It is also a huge loss to the economy. Companies such as Glory Kickboxing create jobs and spend tons of money on advertising. Why keep missing out on that?

The sport of MMA is legal, and kickboxing is still growing in popularity. Allowing Kickboxing to be made legal is a wise choice for the athletes, fans and the economy. This can also pave the way to making other professional Martial Arts such as Jiu-Jitsu and Karate legal as well.