The Canadian government should immediately end The Canada/US Safe 3rd Country Agreement

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On May 7 the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced a zero-tolerance policy on the US Mexico boarder. Treating all those illegally crossing the US/Mexico boarder as criminals who will be imprisoned and prosecuted. Since minors can not accompany their parents to jail, they are being held in separate detention centres. Since that day over 2000 children, some as young as 4, have been removed from their parents and placed in these detention centres.
We, as Canadians, have a history of separating children from their parents. We, as Canadians, know the lasting consequences of such inhumane actions, as many of our communities continue to deal with the aftermath of such policies. 
In 2002, believing that our two countries treated refugees in the same manner,  Canada entered into The Canada/US Safe Third Country Agreement , to manage the flow of refugees. The agreement states that refugees crossing at legal boarder crossings will be returned to the country in which they first arrived. As we now have concrete evidence that the United States does not treat refugees in the same manner as we do, we are asking for our government to immediately suspend The Canada/US Safe Third Country Agreement.
We, as Canadians, have no control over the actions of the United States. We can not change the US government's policy of separating children from their parents, but we can and must recognize that this policy is inhumane. There will be political  consequences to this action, but there are times in history when countries must stand up for what is right. This is one of those moments. Today, Canada must stand up to the United States and tell them as loudly and clearly as we can, that this policy is wrong. That we will not stand by, while our closest ally imprisons innocent children. Canada must immediately suspend The Canada/US Safe Third Country Agreement.

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