That the Canadian government call for an immediate return to democratic rule in Bolivia.

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We, Latin American Canadians as well as others from all walks of life in Canada, are very concerned about the events taking place in Bolivia and the position our government is taking.

Images of organized violence, the racially charged repression of indigenous people and dissidents, as well as the breach of the constitutional framework in Bolivia should be strongly condemned and not condoned by the Canadian government.

Canadians condemn any actions that look to strip away the right of Bolivians to elect their own government free of coercion, violence and foreign interference.

Canada should heed the regional leadership of countries like Mexico who have characterized the military intervention in Bolivia’s electoral process as a coup, and are pressing for a political resolution under established international norms and respect for the rule of law.  

Our government must be unequivocal in its condemnation of racism, intimidation and violence that undermine the safety and rights of Bolivians to express their political will, and must support efforts from neighboring countries for the restitution of a democratically elected government in Bolivia as soon as possible.