"TEST FOR FREEDOM" Covid-19 testing at Canadian-USA border

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We request all those entering Canada, be tested for the COVID-19 virus!!

Currently we are all under restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Something we are all, hopefully, in compliance with. Non-essential travel was banned by the government at the CAD-USA border, while at the same time commercial traffic is allowed without any required safety precautions.

This system allows potentially infected​ commercial drivers' entry into Canada while denying non- infected allegedly "non-essential" travelers this freedom. The term "non-essential" includes; families being separated​ for months with no end in sight, missing a siblings wedding, parents or grandparents funeral, among other monumental events. Not to mention the devastation this policy has on many parts of the economy. 

Alternatively let's "TEST FOR FREEDOM" following the example set by other countries; to get all those entering the border tested. This system is foolproof as commercial drivers with the virus will be stopped, and families will be able to reunite. All while knowing that an important visit won't wreck 2 weeks of work, as they can be easily be tested for the virus to avoid the mandatory quarantine. (Additionally anyone place in quarantine should be allowed to get tested, and if negative should be allowed out of quarantine.)

Doing this keeps all Canadians safer than they are now under the current guidelines.