Temporary Basic Income for All Canadians During Covid-19 Outbreak

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Social distancing has been advocated as our best option to slow down the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infection. However, many workers do not have the means to stay away from work. Implementing a temporary non means-tested basic income for all Canadians of working age during this outbreak will help individuals, businesses and the entire Canadian society. 

We ask the Government of Canada to immediately implement a temporary basic income for all Canadians of working age.

Update-March 20, 2020:

Since starting this petition the Government of Canada has announced various relief measures. While these measures are unprecedented and well-intentioned, they seem complicated to implement.

  1. They require submitting formal applications and therefore will be inevitably delayed by processing times. 
  2. At this time it is not clear whether everyone who needs these types of support will quality for it.

A temporary universal basic income would have a clearer path of implementation, for example, it could be issued based on current Social Insurance records.

Furthermore - in comparison with the announced measures that will be handled through various government departments - a UBI relief program would have less of a bureaucratic burden, resulting in less overall cost.

Image: "Yonge and Dundas, Toronto" by Y'amal, licensed under CC BY 2.0