Tamil Genocide Monument Destroyed

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Sri Lanka - a small island that’s located right below the tip of India, that’s falsely portrayed to the world as being a “beautiful, peaceful, blissful island” went through a civil war which lasted for over 25 years. The 25+ year long civil war led to the mass genocide against hundreds of thousands of innocent Tamil Civilians. No Fire Zones were meant to protect civilians however, many were blindly killed while seeking protection in those places. There were many cases of children and women who went missing and/or abused. The acts that were done to Tamil civilians were cruel and to this day the Sri Lankan government will not accept and are in full denial that a genocide happened in the country.

A genocide comes in 10 phases, with the last two being extermination and denial. The extermination phases already occurred as many Tamils died during the war. It is the denial phase of genocide that is currently present and we cannot afford to allow the Sri Lankan government to neglect and erase what occurred during the civil war.

As part of remembering and paying tribute to the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that were taken away during the mass genocide, monuments were put up to help individuals grieve and remember what occurred in the past. It was a way for individuals to pay their respects, reflecting on the hardships, and grieving the loss of loved ones. Now, the Sri Lankan government has decided to destroy anything and everything that represents the genocide as a way to cover up what happened in the past.

The aim of this petition is to gain national attention regarding this matter and to have the government be held responsible for their inhumane actions. Hopefully we can get world leaders like Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson to shine light in this issue.