Suspend All Non-Essential Business Operations in Canada During Covid19 Pandemic

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On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared a global pandemic regarding covid-19. Up until this point, it has been at the discretion of the business owner to implement changes in operation/implement indefinite closure, putting the responsibility of national health in the hands of employers.

Many large retail franchises have decided to close until further notice, as well, schools, community centers and libraries have shut their doors due to the risks based on advisories of the Government and WHO. However, closures have not been made entirely mandatory, and some non-essential businesses remain in operation, putting employees and the public at risk. It is the job of our government to enforce the measures necessary to minimize the numbers who will be affected by the virus.

I would like to propose an immediate nation-wide suspension of non-essential businesses to protect Canadians from a potentially catastrophic outbreak. As we have seen in Italy, China, and France, if social distancing and isolation are not enforced, cases will rise uncontrollably and overwhelm our health care system.

Employees and employers who fear job loss and financial burden in a time of a global pandemic are put in an exploitive position for economic purposes at the risk of their health and that of the public. Federal, provincial and municipal government needs to enact immediate countermeasures to compensate out of work citizens and minimize contagion.