Support Urgently Needed Improvements For Our Elders at Foyer Père Fiset

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Vision 2020 Foyer Project:

In the fall of 2019 the Vision 2020 committee, on behalf of Le Foyer Pere Fiset, had their “ducks in a row” concerning the long-overdue and desperately needed additional wing, to facilitate proper room occupancy standards. They’ve had the land permits, building permits, blueprints, community backing, all necessary government departments onside, everything set up and ready to go.  The only thing needed is the government funding.  

Proposals for funding have been declined for unexplained reasons; even though 3 other Foyer Père Fiset projects applied at that same time, and were approved.

The needed additions would bring the current over-crowding of our elders’ rooms up to a healthier and acceptable standard of single- room occupancy.  In April of this year, 2020, the federal Minister for Infrastructure and Community Development, the Hon. Catherine McKenna, announced publicly that they were looking for shovel-ready projects for seniors to invest in.  That’s us!

Letters and emails were sent to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister McKenna, and all appropriate federal ministries, as well as Premier Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia, Health Minister Randy Delorey, and all appropriate provincial ministers, and also to our pertinent municipal officers and councillors.

Three noncommittal auto-responses via email have come back; and a most recent letter from the NS Minister of Health’s office stated: that they are presently unable to follow up on the proposal but that the long term plan is to “have the participation of stakeholders at all levels”.

We need your help as a community to show support for this important project and to make our individual and collective voices heard!!

We are Community Matters ~ Allons-y ensemble.  We support Vision 2020’s Foyer Père Fiset expansion project and all our elders.