Support for Unregulated Childcare providers during Covid-19

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The NL Government has issued a relief program for early childhood educators and providers.

They have exempted unregulated day home providers.

We provide a service and we pay taxes each year as directed and required.

We feel we should receive compensation during this ordeal.

For some of us this is our only form of income, as parents are being laid off and seeking compensation, they are unable to pay the fees required, we are losing our clients and in return we are losing our income, with no measures in place to assist us.

Every  other form of childcare is being assisted or subsidized, which we feel is what needs to be done across the board for all childcare providers that report their earnings, especially in a time such as this.

We stand with all childcare centres, their owners and their employees, we stand with regulated childcare providers, we ask that you all stand with us too. We all provide an irreplaceable service to children and we are all anticipating the day we can operate as normal. 

We want to do our part to flatten the curve. As self employed individuals we have limited resources financially with regards to EI or sick benefits. We seem to not fall under any category for financial relief during this pandemic. Finding correct answers to our questions, seem impossible. 

Please help us request assistance in this time of need.