Students Need Financial Aid From Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan Too

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Nowhere in Trudeau's new Economic Response Plan does it mention the 1.34 million students enrolled in Canadian universities. Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan really needs to include these students who do not have the luxury of being supported by their parents. Now imagine if you included CEGEP/college/trade program students in that number? That is a massive number of the population that Trudeau's plan has totally overlooked. Why are our loans/bursaries/scholarships not counted as "income"?

Now what will happen to us newly graduating self-supporting students who intended on applying to jobs after school or the students who work during the summers while not on loans/scholarships/bursaries? How are we suppose to pay rent and eat if we can’t get work and aren’t eligible for the plan? SHARE THIS TO GET US HEARD! We need monthly support too. We are Canada's future!