Stop Winnipeg's phosphorus discharge into Lake Winnipeg!

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 The City of Winnipeg North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC) on the Red River is the largest single point source of phosphorus being discharged (Average 600 Kg per day) into the Lake Winnipeg watershed. This phosphorus discharge is a major contributor of toxic algae blooms on Lake Winnipeg! 

 On July 31,2019 Winnipeg responded to a Manitoba Sustainable Development's request for a revised plan for upgrades to the NEWPCC. The revised plans were to include interim options to expedite phosphorus removal. A proposal to use Ferric Chloride, was REJECTED by Winnipeg. This proposal would reduce phosphorus contribution to the lake by 70% and bring the plant into compliance with the provincial limit of 1 mg/l. This method is used in many jurisdictions in the Great Lakes region. The City of Winnipeg does not plan to address the phosphorus issue before 2030!

 I'm writing this from the eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg. I've been coming here since I've been four years old. I'm so in love with this area. I can't stay quiet any longer. It's the eleventh largest freshwater lake in the world! This beautiful lake is home too many species fish and fowl. Its home to many people commercially and recreationally. 

Winnipeg is killing the lake.

Winnipeg doesn't care.

Please help me make the Federal Government and the Province of Manitoba push the City of Winnipeg into cleaning up its mess.

I can't do this without your help. 

Future generations cant do this without your help!

Please sign and share this petition! 

My sincerest Thank you's to everyone who signs this petition.