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Stop wastewater dumping in various waterways across Canada.

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One of the main causes of ocean & water  pollution is from wastewater dumping. Wastewater dumping involves the deposit of waste materials from industries and factories, ships and tankers, sewage materials and plastics of all sorts.

Marine life bears the brunt of harmful substances in dumped materials. These toxic substances soak into the oceanic oxygen causing a number of problems, such as depletion of oxygen available to marine mammals and other fishes causing death in their natural habitat.

The toxic substances found in the ocean are then stored in the fat of fish and consumed by humans and other animals, creating unwanted complications in our systems and the natural environment. 

Some of the materials emitted include toxic substances such as: Mercury, cryolite and DDT. Certain industrial wastage includes radioactive materials. The magnitude of the ocean dumping is not just vast but so huge, that our entire civilization could be wiped out due to the intensity of careless dumping. 

The Tyee wrote "The icky, smelly, rotten no-good political mess that could cost taxpayers a billion." Dated Jan. 26, 2015. This article reflects on "Victoria's raw sewage being dumped into the Juan De Fuca Straight at a rate of 130 million litres per day."

This includes pesticides, street runoff and pharmaceuticals, headed straight for- you guessed it, our water supplies.This alone is causing a major uproar in Washington as it is greatly affecting fisheries.

This major form of pollution is happening across all of Canada and something must be done.

I have created this petition in an attempt to get as many people aware of oceanianic/wastewater dumping and the effects it has on our environment, in the hopes that our voices will be heard and the necessary changes to prevent further and future contamination will be thoroughly  inspected, revaluated and dealt with immediately. 

New and improved wastewater treatment facilities are in order for the Coastlines and major cities of Canada.

Renewable resources, biodegradable ingredients and ending the use of harmful substances and synthetic materials must be considered. Stop destroying our environments!







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