Stop the T4 for children’s survivor and Disability Supplements

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I’m not sure how many Canadians are affected by this change of providing T4’s for children’s survivor and CPP disabilty monthly supplements.  All I can say as a widdow for 9 years and who is also for the past 5 years on CPP disability this T4 never existed a few years back.    The implementation of T4 in our children’s names for the past few years since Justin Trudeau slipped by the public no notification by our prime minister has caused me undue stress.  I say this because until you do your income tax that’s when it affects you.  I have had to claim it as my child’s income and therefore can’t claim the full amount for equivalent to spouse.  For me I’m doubly affected as I said I’m a widow and on CPP disabilty so therefore my daughter meets the requirement for both monthly supplements.  I end up owing the government taxes and no longer get a refund because of these T4’s and I need to pay back over 3 months of supplements.  Please keep in mind when on CPP Disabilty they don’t tax at source, they don’t tax me enough on my Long term income protection so without the deserved credits I owe every year.   I’ve worked for the federal and provincial government majority of my career till I had to stop due to my bipolar diagnosis.  I don’t think our Prime minister is helping families with this implementation as he is taking money out of our families.  I thought his main goal was to help all Canadian families.   I don’t believe until a person is old enough to file there own income taxes should we be penalized on our income tax for children’s supplements or employment income.  We are there providers until they at least complete high school and hopefully post secondary and have a full time job. Therefore I feel child tax credit should not end until June of graduation year while in school not based on 18th birthdays.  I feel to help Canadian families we stop having to claim children’s supplements and income until they have there own T4’s that are valued at more then equivalent to spouse amounts.  I feel all Canadians deserve to be aware of this as I’m shocked it’s not a major issue already.