STOP the spread of coronavirus! BAN Incoming China Tourists!

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The coronavirus is starting a new epidemic.

Unlike SARS or even Ebola, both of which spread only when a person starts showing outward symptoms, the new coronavirus from China is infectious even BEFORE a person starts displaying symptoms. This is a FACT stated by China's own Health Minister!

The World Health Organization has declared this outbreak a GLOBAL health emergency.

The coronavirus is infectious throughout a long incubation period. Experts agree it is MORE contagious than even SARS. In other words, a person IS already infectious even if he does NOT have a fever. As a result, temperature screenings at airports and other entry points for feverish incoming travellers are ineffective!

The ONLY truly effective way is to STOP potentially infectious travellers from gaining entry into Canada in the first place.

I strongly petition the Government of Canada to put in place an immediate BAN ON ALL INCOMING TOURISTS & VISITORS FROM CHINA, at least until doctors & scientists know more about how the virus mutates, spreads & transmits.

Other countries have taken strong measures. Singapore has barred all China visitors from the affected province. The UK's national carrier has stopped ALL flights in & out of China, effectively shutting the door. The US is considering a total ban on China flights.

Our healthcare system is already stretched, with over-worked healthcare staff & a lack of hospital beds, and now we have to divert much needed resources to clean rooms & isolation wards? 

Let's NOT be complacent about this. Canada is densely populated in its major cities whose airports serve international routes - Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, etc. Please do not put economic considerations over and above Canadian lives & safety!