Stop the CAS

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The Children's aid society take children away from families who can take care of their children and don't bother with or give the children back to people who cannot care or abuse them. (For example, Toronto children's aid gave a crazy person back her child and she ended up baking her child in the oven.) The reason this is a big concern to me is because I had a baby four months ago and children's aid took her away at 9 hours away because apparently I can't parent a child. How am I supposed to parent a child with no child in my care? Yes i grew up in the care of the cas but now they are trying to use that against me. Help stop the cycle. Help protect the children of today from the mental and emotional abuse that the children's aid is causing. A CAS worker once said that they think they are above the law. They are abusing their power and It needs to change. And its all for the money that the government gives them. I know we can change this. We just need to take a stand.