Stop Targeting Individuals by Gang Stalking, Lying, Money Scams, and Electronic Torture

Stop Targeting Individuals by Gang Stalking, Lying, Money Scams, and Electronic Torture

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As a targeted individual, finances, career, daily life, relationships and references, and overall health are significantly impacted.

The purpose of this program is to have the targeted individual lose their ability to work and/or sustain a job, and possibly lose their home.

The targeted individual is crippled for AMUSEMENT.

This is by no fault to the targeted individual, and lies (and even false recordings) may be spread to otherwise convince gang stalkers and law enforcement. They stage it to make the targeted individual look like the perpetrator or the one who is mentally ill. Apart from the threats, this in itself discourages individuals to fight back.

Methods used to do this are by contacting the targeted individual’s workplace, family, friends, and medical professionals that the individual knows or may eventually be in contact. Those who are contacted have likely accepted $15000 Money Mart money loans (scams), and these individuals are knowingly or unknowingly committing a federal crime. They are participating in the torture by saying certain words, uttering threats, repeating conversations, or by physically following the target.

I am a targeted individual and have witnessed the covert tactics on a daily basis.
Besides the inhumane and immoral suffering caused to targeted human beings, reasons to CARE about this are:

- This leads to rape or murder, or at least there are attempts to this.
- There is no one to support you when it happens to you.

-The perpetrators have constant access to your computer, including online banking.

- Boundaries need to be set and no one is above the law.
- It perpetuates individual and social trauma.
- This affects other people who knowingly or unknowingly become gang stalkers and accessories to murder, rape, and sex trafficking.
- People are encouraged and possibly forced to become perpetrators and criminals out of fear, revenge, greed, or simply because they have access to this technology.
- Though technology is advancing, its use does not appear to be regulated.
- Children are also used in experimentation.
- THIS IS DIFFICULT TO PROVE without investigating the target’s narrative and hacked technology. Also, because of the stigma surrounding targeted individuals, there may be minimal support, as the tactics used on a targeted individual replicate the symptoms of mental illness. Stories and points of view are provided by health professionals and social media to intentionally or unintentionally disprove covert targeting.
- The perpetrators likely have mental illnesses related to the cluster B personality disorders, demonstrating minimal moral limits and a lack of empathy for human autonomy and well-being. The degree of how far a perpetrator would go is disgusting - including limiting your access to food so that you exhibit symptoms of hypoglycemia and anemia (lack of oxygen).
- This is something occurring on a macro scale using law enforcement, medical professionals, and social media. It is possibly part of an agenda to dehumanize, spread confusion, and maintain control (personal theory with this sentence - that's how it feels like). This is dangerous because it intervenes with our rights and our ability to act upon the betterment of ourselves and society. It also perpetuates the development of cluster B personality disorders.

Some technologies used are:
- Something that causes internal burning and electric shock (this has happened to me)
- Using electromagnetic waves to create visuals of where someone is and what they are doing – even when they are in the washroom. WIFI and cell phone use may be helping this.
- Internet sites, text messages, search engines, emails
- Voice-to-Skull technology
- Lyrebird technology – impersonates voice
- Electroshocks to the brain and high frequencies in order to create confusion, emotional responses, and autonomic bodily responses (vomiting, sneezing, coughing, arm and finger movements)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!