Stop Road blocking Canadian Oil

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It is not understood by the people in the energy sector.  Why in the most beautiful country in the world with the highest level safety and regard for environment. Why we are constantly blocked from exporting our most valuable resource.  A resource that is one of the most important in the world.  We are not even able to export our own resource through out our own country.  Which has left Eastern Canada to import oil from other countries with poor human rights and no regard for the environment. When we as a country could build a safe and effective pipeline from coast to coast with the highest standards.  This would create many jobs.  Make Canada a more independent country. And a power house to the rest of the world.  It is time that we acted like a unified confederation and did what’s best for us as a nation.    If some how it seem better to buy dirty oil from from counties that don’t care about human rights or environmental impact. Than I think we have already failed as a country.   I would like to stop this path that we are on and work together to build this country to be the power house it is from coast to coast.  Build the Lines!!