Stop Participating in War on Yemen, Canada, STOP Arms Export with Saudi Arabia

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Wars are an act of cruelty. NO ONE deserves to die especially innocent civilians. Wars have very negative effect on individuals, oppressors & oppressed, both. For oppressors it increases their anger and frustration plus leaves the people of that country to act unjustifiably and teach them bad morals. There’re many many more negative effects war leaves on people’s minds. For the oppressed, they lose their dear ones, their families, their shelter, everything. There’s a possibility of famine in a war torn country which means millions’ life is at stake. Not only this but the survivors will develop anger, hate, theft etc. A lot of damage occurs on both sides, oppressors & the oppressed. Life is not cheap; we must adhere by good morals and etiquettes to teach to our new generations. 

War on Yemen has been kept a secret from world media; why? Do you know there’s a blockade on food, medicines etc? Do you know all businesses, education are either bombed or closed? Do you know people have lost their houses and families? Do you know Saudi Arabia has destroyed their hospitals? 

Please watch the video above so you can get a better picture of what’s happening in Yemen as the media is silent over this cruelty yet the journalist Khashoggi’s murder is in every media channel. 

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Letter to your area MP:

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,


I would like to draw your attention towards the  real issue of War on Yemen and Canada’s Arms support kill millions.

Canada still stands firm providing Arms to Saudi Arabia knowing what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen. Mr. Trudeau I demand you to put a halt to the exportation of Arms with Saudi Arabia immediately. This is not a matter of pride to kill human beings especially children regardless of who they’re and where do they live. Canadians elected you to have better expectations from you than killing innocent civilians along with Saudi Arabia, USA, UAE etc etc. There’s zero difference between them and us if we too partake in this cruelty. I’m sure you know it is wrong to involve in wars in any way except for self defence. I’m sure you know not to sell ammunition to the countries who are killing innocent people for no reason at all. Yet you’re involved, alas! If by watching the shared media above your heart doesn’t hurt and you don’t feel the pain, I don’t know what would then? Please help! Help saving innocent lives! 

Once again I urge you to STOP exporting Arms to Saudi Arabia. STOP killing humans. 


Thank you,


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