Stop Ontario Premier Doug Ford from Slashing Toronto City Council members

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Doug Ford's promise to cut the number of Toronto City Council members, so soon before the upcoming Oct. 22, 2018 municipal election, will wreak havoc on Torontonians' existing democratic government. My libraries, my recreational services, my planning experts, my life as a tenant in a city with a 1.1 per cent vacancy rate and an average rent of $1,829, my transit system - and the hard-working police I rely on to keep me  safe in an era of unprecedented city violence - will  ALL be hurt by Ford's plan. It violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: our guarantee as Canadians to the the basic rights "considered essential to preserving Canada as a free and democratic country." Doug Ford's proposal violates Torontonians'  freedom to democratic rights and their right to democratic representation. Ford says he can get rid of "municipal government" entirely with his power as Ontario Premier. He is wrong. The Charter and legal precedents support this city's residents' right to postpone his arbitrary action.