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Stop Omar Khadr and his lawyer from getting $10.5 Million Canadian taxpayers money!

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I am a hard working Canadian Taxpayer and a mother of two young sons. Everybody knows that the Liberal Government under Trudeau is spending way more than necessary on frivolous issues. Apologizing to Omar Khadr, a confessed terrorist, and awarding him $10.5 million of hardworking taxpayers money is shocking to say the least. Who gave the Government permission to spend my money? Isn't that tantamount to stealing from me? Meanwhile our young graduates are going back to school to get double degrees, come out of school way over their heads in debt, struggle to find jobs and buy homes, our soldiers and veterans have to fight for their pension, and terrorists and refugees get millions handed to them on a plate. What kind of nation are we turning into? Let's keep this land glorious and free, and prevent it from turning into one of cynicism and apathy like our neighbours across the border. Sign this petition if you care for the future of Canada!

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