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Stop letting droves of Muslims and refugees in Canada

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There are far to many Muslims and refugees in our country bleeding our system dry they refuse to work they refuse to adapt to living like a Canadian and we give them everything gift wrapped and they tell all their famailies how good it is here you can do nothing and get money bring everyone ..... 

its not fair and it needs to end we are full and diverse enough we are not set up to support the waves of people coming to this country everyday we are all paying for it with our wallets and our time . Traffic is horrible , taxes are high and wages are low . 

Canadians that fought for this country are living on the streets or in shelters or in crappy tiny apartments with minimal help or no help from the government and they have paid and fought and lived for this country instead the money is being handed to people that could care less about this country and and bleeding it dry .

I for one am sick of working my ass to the bone and seeing all these people sitting at home collecting disability or welfare and having several kids to collect as much government money as possible the disgusting men stare at me like they have never seen a woman in their life maybe because I'm not covered in a sheet ,

I am not proud to live in this city anymore it is impossible to get ahead and I don't feel that this is home anymore something needs to change enough is enough.

we will soon be worse off here than their countries .

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