STOP ethnic cleansing of HAZARAS in Afghanistan

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Jaghori, a predominantly Hazara  dominated district in Afghanistan, is one of the safest in the province, which has come under Taliban attacks following the armed group's assault on neighbouring Malistan and Oruzgan provinces.

Afghan government are doing nothing to stop them. More than 100 civillians including women and children have been brutally murdered in recent attacks which started in Oruzgan on 28th October 2018. The NATO Forces and the Afghan government are doing nothing to protect the civillians living in these areas. Over 800 families have left their homes & belongings and are running for their lives. For the past two weeks people in these areas of Afghanistan are suffering sleepless nights defending their families in the fight against the Taliban. 

Please help us become the voices of these people who are being trapped between life and death.


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