STOP Covid-19

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WE ARE NOT FLATTENING THE CURVE!  WE ARE NOT MOVING FORWARD! WE DONT NEED TO FLATEN THE CURVE, WE CAN STOP IT COMPLETELY!  Me along with everybody that signed this petition want to address our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada and ask them to please shut EVERYTHING  down and make people stay home for 2-4 weeks. Give people 2-3 days notice to buy supplies for 2-4 weeks and then shut everything down IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY and make it mandatory for EVERYBODY to stay inside their house. FINE PEOPLE! EVERYBODY THAT WALKS AROUND AND HAS THE VIRUS CARIES A DEATH WEAPON! Shut down grocery stores, gas stations, transportation. Have a hotline in each city for those that run out of supplies, need medication or healthcare and have police officers, nurses, psw, firefighters, volunteers, that are healthy and well equipped with masks gloves etc, deliver food and medication. It will come down to this anyways! Lets do it before more people die! Why delay it? We have dozens of examples of countries where what we do now is exactly what their approach was too and  IT DIDNT WORK. What makes you think this soft approach will work in Canada if it failed everywhere else? The sooner we do this, the sooner we stop the virus! Our Healthcare system can’t handle this! We have to wait 6 hours in the emergency room on a good day, what about when hundreds of people show up for covid-19  testing  EVERY SINGLE DAY? The government will save more money this way too. Why fix a problem in 3-5 months when you can fix it in weeks. LETS DO THIS NOW! Shut everything down and make it mandatory for everyone to stay inside their house. No visiting other people, no driving. Close the gas stations! Sick people touch the gas pumps, along with the prepay keypad, along with the gas stations doors. THIS VIRUS SURVIVES ON SURFACES FOR DAYS!!! Going for a walk without getting in contact with anyone or anything should be the only thing allowed.   Then we can keep the borders closed until everyone else coming in is clean, but at least Canada is cured and we saved the lives of many. This virus doesnt care about law and legislation! It will take lives everyday.  WE CAN FIX THIS SOON AND EASY! ITS STILL EASY!  LETS ASK OUR GOVERNMENT TO SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN AND MAKE IT MANDATORY FOR EVERYBODY TO STAY AT HOME!!!!