Stop child abuse and refugees in Isreal

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I am a refugee  myself and I am learning  English, but I am going to try to explain the situation.  I found this information in Facebook:  six months old baby got flu  and her mom took her to the hospital in Tell Aviv. After one night,  the baby was not feeling well , so the doctor gave her something to make her sleep. Then, when, the baby fall in sleep the doctor asked mom to stay outside and  they are going to do something with the baby.  The mom waited outside for 12 hours and after 12 hours, the mom been called and she found out her daughter had surgery in four places: on her head, leg, hip and neck with out her parents permission. The result of the Surgery the baby got paralyzed. Now , the parents try to find a way to get out from this bad situation and seeking for help to settle in Canada. 

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