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Stop Big Money in Federal Politics

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Money to the Ref?  We don’t allow that in the Olympics or hockey or baseball or other sports – but in federal Canadian politics it’s legal!

Politicians are supposed to be the referees who decide what is in the public interest – so why would we allow big businesses, interest groups or wealthy people to buy them off with big money donations, including secret donations?

The federal Liberal government has been caught up in a political fundraising scandal as the Globe and Mail reported recently that Prime Minister Trudeau and Liberal Cabinet ministers are holding dozens of high-priced, secretive, exclusive fundraising events.  Big business executives and other wealthy people are paying up to $1,500 to meet behind closed doors with Prime Minister Trudeau and other Cabinet ministers.

The federal Conservatives and the NDP have also held high-priced, exclusive events where donors pay to meet with their leaders.

While donations to federal political parties and riding associations from corporations, unions and other organizations were banned in 2007, the ban is really a charade because instead corporate executives and wealthy individuals with connections to organizations continue to donate and be involved in fundraising events.  The federal political parties are all resisting changes to stop big money donations.

Please sign this petition calling on the federal parties to stop big money in Canadian federal politics by lowering the donation limit to $100 a year, and making other key changes – as Quebec did in 2013 to stop wealthy people and interest groups from using money as an undemocratic, unethical way of influencing politicians and parties.

Please see background information at:

Democracy Watch (October 25, 2016): Group files ethics complaint with federal Lobbying Commissioner about big business chairman assisting with fundraising event for Finance Minister while his business is lobbying the minister (October 28, 2016): Liberal fundraisers being investigated by lobbying watchdog

Globe and Mail (October 31, 2016): Donation stats indicate Liberal fundraisers are exclusive events

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