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Stand with Tanya let's help this Breed. Hey rid of BSL ..

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The problem we have and had  BSL for way TOO many years .It's sad  that some uneducated Idiot decided that because a Pittbull has a certain look to them that there dangerous & terrifying !!!!  How can anybody make a decision that way based on your own ignorant self judgments.  

It's not the BREED it's the OWNERS 

You can teach any dog in the world to be visicious & Scary . The Breed has nothing to do with it what so ever I am actually apolled that this province Ontario & other Provinces have actually aloud this BSL BAN to go on . It's disgusting and way too many poor innocent animals have suffered due to this Ban.  Please let's stop this.  Any dog can be mean in fact I own two stunning Pittbull and there amazing with children n people in general . Stop this BSL . 

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