Speak out against the American Government's practice of family separation and detention

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Please add your name to the list of Canadians who want our PM, Mr. Justin Trudeau, to publicly denounce in Canada's House of Commons the practice of the United States of America's Government of separating and detaining migrant and asylum-seeking families.

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

We are contacting you because we are the Canadians who elected you to your office, and we need your help.

We are of late incredibly upset and disturbed, as you undoubtedly are, by the actions of the government of the United States of America with regard to their family separation and detention policy. We would like you, as our elected leader, to publicly speak out against this policy: to stand up in the House of Commons and publicly denounce President Trump and his government for this horrific practice.

As Canadians who believes in equity, equality, and the rights of others to be treated with respect, we abhor the actions of the United States Government. Babies being torn from their mothers’ arms; children sobbing in cages, crying for their mothers; tent cities being erected to house them for an undetermined duration, with no oversight regarding their care. How long will you wait before you speak up? It is only a matter of time before children start dying in these conditions. The mental health effects of traumatic separation and abandonment have already begun to set in on these children and their families. Canada cannot stand idly by and wait for the US Government to revise their position on this issue, we must stand up and decry it. If you are truly the man we think you are - a man of honour, fortitude, and principle - you will call Mr. Trump out as the fascist, racist, ammoral demagogue that he is.

We plead with you, Mr. Trudeau, to put yourself on the right side of history and speak up for these children and parents who are being abused and tortured by a government they reached out to for protection. You and the other elected representatives of Canadians must speak out against this disgraceful behaviour now, or risk aiding and abetting it. History will not look kindly on those who stood silent as children were stolen from their parents.

We hope you and your colleagues will do the right thing.

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