Shut Down Marineland Once and for All!

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The use of animals for entertainment has been going on for years, however more and more are dying and suffering everyday. Marineland is a showcase of neglect and abuse: Orcas swim in repetitive patterns, vomit, chew on metal cage bars, and bang their heads against walls due to boredom and loneliness. Marineland has been charged with animal cruelty not only once, but six times in the past, and could continue if we do not put a stop to it. Using not only aquatic animals, but any type of animal for entertainment is cruel. These large species need to be set free, where they are not confined in small spaces and are not forced to perform tricks. In addition, many of the whales at Marineland were taken away from their families and have been living alone in a tank for years, leading them to distress and death. Please help send these whales to a sanctuary where they are cared for in a respectful manner and where they can finally be free at last.