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As a result of the horrors and treatment that we have received at the hands of our own government, parents who have been wronged have formed Project Protection Canada and together with hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow Canadians we are standing united to show the flawed system that is harming not only children but destroying families that we will not accept this.

We as parents will no longer tolerate legalized kidnapping of our children.  We will not tolerate human trafficking of our children and we will no longer tolerate the complete and total disregard for not only our human rights, but the rights of our children. As child protection has become a large business in Canada the only solution is to shut it down so there is no more trafficking of children, forced adoptions, apprehension of children from loving safe homes, destroying of families and abuse of children by denying them their rights of their families and their freedom.

Project Protection Canada is seeking that the Canadian Government make changes to the child protection laws and seeking to hold them responsible for the actions of child protection agencies and their workers in Canada.  

Too many children are being apprehended in Canada and put into a system that abuses them and denies  them their rights as a Canadian citizen.  The rights of the parents and grandparents are also denied and abused.  In many instances, children are removed from a loving home and placed into an abusive foster home. And although we agree there are good foster homes, there are far too many that are not. It also should be noted that many apprehensions are not needed and the children are not in need of protection. Child Protection has become a business and has lost the protection in it. When the agency apprehends a child not in need of protection it changes the child, makes them scared and violates their human rights.

Project Protection Canada is fully aware that there are some children who do need to be removed and have protection from their situations. The protection, however, should be balanced with the constitutional rights of the children, mothers and fathers, and grandparents.  The agencies should always be working hard to return the children as quickly as they can to their homes and families. The agencies should be working with parents instead of against them. The agencies' goal should be returning children home.

Something that happens far too often in many apprehension cases is that the agencies forcibly take children, and then control them emotionally by withholding contact and this must be publicly recognized as one of the greatest forms of ‘mis-use’ of the Canadian justice system and one of the greatest hidden vehicles for wide-spread socially approved physical and emotional abuse and control. This needs to change! The system that has been put into place to protect children seems to be what children need to be protected from.

The workers employed with Child Protection agencies appear to have clear disregard for and a lack of understanding of the value of children to our society.  This is nothing short of a travesty.  Child Protection agencies have acted carelessly and recklessly with children’s lives for years and, in doing so, fail their duties and mandate and this is something we need to stop from happening.

Child Protection Services agencies across Canada choose to ignore laws that are put into place to ensure that children and their parents are given their rights and the child’s right to safety. They clearly disregard this even when it is evident that the agency is in the wrong. The agency fabricates evidence, lies and goes about their illegal activities with a brazen arrogance totally without fear of reprimand, reprisal or the consequences of their illegal actions.

Unless you’ve been targeted by or ignored and neglected by Child Protection Services, you cannot even begin to imagine the feeling of pain, grief, financial loss, helplessness and depression caused by having your children removed without due process, and the nightmare involved to get out. 

Many changes need to be made to the laws regarding child protection. Some things that need to change are:

Child Protection agency social workers need to be held responsible for their actions. They should not have immunity for lying, fabricating evidence, and violation of human rights. They should have criminal consequences for these actions.  They need to be held accountable when making mistakes and taking children from homes they should not have been removed from.  They should have consequences for ignoring abuse against the children and it should be criminal punishment when taking a child from their parents and placing them in a foster home that abuses the children. If the child dies in the foster home the agency worker should also be criminally held responsible for the death.  As the agencies make decisions and act like God then they should be criminally charged when shown to have made decisions that wrecked children, parents and families lives, where they place children in danger and use them as pawns to continue drawing a pay-cheque.

All termination of parental rights proceedings shall be jury trials. Any permanent order granted by the agencies should be done with the parents' rights to have a jury trial. Taking away someone’s child is the same feeling as in every parent’s worst nightmare, Kidnapping! Not even being told where your child is, and every night, not knowing where they are or if they are safe. The loss and grief is unending. The damage done to the families emotionally can never be undone. Parents deserve the right to a jury trial in family court. Breaking up someone's family should not be decided by just one person.

When inquiries are done and changes are suggested the child protection agencies must implement the changes within 60 days of the report coming out.  Failure to do so, the agency should lose all funding to operate and be shut down.

Please stand with us and force the government to make some changes.  Its time enough children have suffered, enough parents and families have suffered. Help us shut down child protection agencies in Canada and start making the government legally responsible for violating our human rights and abusing our children.  SILENT NO MORE!