Shut down TORONTO COVID-19

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With the recent turn of events in Italy & Spain related to COVID-19 we are asking the Prime Minister, Premier, and Mayor of Toronto to take the necessary steps to protect the people of Toronto.  CANADA now has a reported 1,048 cases (March 21, 2020) and growing. 13 deaths have been recorded. Toronto and BC are now hotspots for COVID-19.  We need to flatten the curve of this virus. So if it’s not time to invoke the Emergencies Act, at a minimum start to fine civilians who refuse to follow the restrictions and guidelines given by Public Health.  Our husbands and wives cannot be expected to get up and go to work and put their families in harms way.  We are all at RISK!  What are we waiting for? Everyone should be given the choice to stay home at a time like this.  Let’s finally do what’s right!  The inconsistencies displayed in regards to the controls of this outbreak are not good enough for the people of Toronto.