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I feel these baby steps we are taking are not enough.  China started with the virus and they have not had any NEW cases in weeks yes the rest of the World is suffering.  I can only speak on what Canada's doing - yes we are making strides to move forward - closing the Canada/USA border, having more ventilators made and providing Canadians with EI benefits etc but people are dying everyday and more cases are being brought to our attention daily.  There are more people who have this virus that we know.  We need to shut down Canada for at least 14-28 days like they did in China and get rid of this virus so Canadians can get back to living. If we are a priority Mr. PM I pleas with you to do the right thing - make this BOLD Move now not when more lives are gone.  People are not listening to stay indoors and self isolate, businesses are still running and others don't understand the seriousness of this virus.  Only allow essential services to stay open; grocers, pharmacies, and others that the government deems necessary.  Then test Canadians so we can have the true numbers of how many actually have this - because tomorrow, next week or next month it will be too late.  If we do this now MAYBE only MAYBE businesses can get back on their feet sooner than later honestly at this rate it will take 18-24 months to recover - can Canadian businesses, families and our elderly afford that? I beg you make a BOLD MOVE!!