Shut Down All Construction Sites.

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Construction job sites are currently still obligated to stay open. On an average job site  100-300 workers are present. Besides the front line all other retailers, restaurants, malls, schools, daycares, courts, etc have been shut down. Construction workers who are prone to getting colds and flus due to working in harsh weather conditions and being in contact with so many people are forced to stay in that environment and come home to elder parents, grandparents and babies, children with or without respiratory issues. If one person on site contracts the COVID-19, the whole site will be exposed and contaminated. These workers share one portable washroom that is not cleaned throughout the day. 

I care to have construction sites shut down because my husband is still working under these conditions. We have a 3 month old at home. The offices for these construction site are also still open. I have a 10 year old girl in my family that has respiratory issues and if she were to contract this illness it could be fatal. Because daycares and schools are closed in good reason, her mother is forced to take her with her to work since she is not sick. If my husband were to come home with this disease he would put our child at risk who has no immune system on his own yet and close to no vaccines yet. He is also the one person who is able to do our grocery shopping due to me not wanting to go out in stores with large amounts of people because I am the one source of food for my baby. If I become ill so will he and I may not be able to produce as well or my baby could possibly choose not to eat if he becomes ill. It is unfair that people who are getting paid to stay home and get there mortgages paid when construction workers who maybe are renting as me and my husband are will be screwed. Actions are being made after the fact. We are escalating in numbers by hundreds. Look at Italy they went up from 2000 to 21000 in only a few days. Why does it have to take thousands for proper measures to be taken.

My solution is shut down all sites, shut down all running operations and businesses. Allow everyone to go into Isolation to contain COVID-19, after the 14 day period get nurses from hospitals or whoever necessary to go home to home in full protective suites asking if they are showing any symptoms. Spray the streets with disinfectant as China did. If the COVID-19 swabs are running low produce them create more jobs, you have the means to produce them. That way we can continue to run more tests. The steps mentioned should keep COVID-19 contained and controlled. The action needs to be taken NOW not later.