Send Canadian water bombers and more firefighters to help fight Australia’s fires

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Australia is facing the worst fires of its history. People have been killed, homes have been destroyed and 1 billion animals have burned to death.

The scale of the fires is enormous — over five times the area that burned during the Amazon fires in Brazil has already gone up in flames, with no end in sight.

We Canadians have one of the largest fleets of water bombers in the world and they are currently being underutilized due to winter conditions.

We want our country to send a fleet of CL-415 water bombers to our fellow Australians in order to help in these times of need.

Canada has started sending firefighters to support Australia’s efforts, but more firefighters and military support are desperately needed.

Please sign this petition in order for our government to understand the deep ties that unite both of our countries and the motivation of Canadians to help.

Australia has helped us before, let's make sure we help them now.

Thank you.