Send Canadian water bombers and more firefighters to help fight Australia’s fires

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More than 1 billion animals killed

Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition - more than 50,000 signatures in just three days!

Sadly, it is now estimated that more than 1 billion animals have burned to death in Australia. This level of destruction is unprecedented and completely heartbreaking. With more dangerous weather forecast, there is no end in sight.

Canada has sent some firefighters to Australia and that’s an excellent start - but we can and should do more. We have more resources to offer, like our water bombers (which were pledged during the recent Amazon fires), plus additional firefighters and military support.

Let’s keep this momentum going - please take a moment to SHARE this petition to spread the word. Together, let’s show Canada’s leaders that we want to do more to help Australia.

Thank you!

Rodrigo Arrambide
1 year ago