Save La Grande Hermine from the scrapyards!!

Save La Grande Hermine from the scrapyards!!

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The Canadian government is seeking immediate action to tear down the masts of La Grande Hermine and eventually scrap the entire ship.  They're starting the process of bidding to scrap the ship, allowing only experienced ship scrappers to bid.

For those who don't know La Grande Hermine was a ship that was used by Jacques Cartier while exploring what is currently known as the Lawrence canal in the fifteen hundreds.  It's over 500 years old, it's historical significance probably rivals the Titanic and we're talking about disassembling it's most significant features and giving it a horrible end at the scrapyard.  It is currently the single biggest landmark in beautiful Jordan Harbor, Ontario. If the those in charge of the White Star line had the foresight not to scrap the Olympic.  You'd have millions of people flocking to see a living breathing Titanic today.  What if the RMS Segwun was scrapped like many of its sister ships??  La Grande Hermine in Jordan Harbor deserves a better send off.  Your children, and your children's children deserve better.

It is believed that prior to the fire.  Prior to the death of it's owner.  That the original intent was to move the ship to Niagara Falls area.  My proposal is to return the ship to that area, and eventually to where it originally explored the St. Lawrence River, in the most dramatic fashion possible.  I believe that the government should fund a quick retrofit of the ship possibly with floating pontoons on either side, leaving the masts intact and transport the ship to the Niagara river, with the intent of ghost-riding the ship over the falls.  I think that this would be a far greater ending to this ship's spectacular career and would really put Canada on the map in terms of creativity and overall awesomeness.

Please tell Trudeau: "NO to scraping La Grande Hermine.  AND YES to ghost riding her over the falls."

La Grande Hermine Timeline:

1492: Ship is officially launched in Italy, off the same slip that would launch the Nina two years earlier.  It is rumoured that her rudder came from Noah's ark or a similar era ship.

1493: La Grand Hermine is one of 4 ships in the Columbus expedition of Central America.

1535: Lead ship used by Jacques Cartier to explore St. Lawrence.

1698: Captain Kidd is the Grande Hermine's captain.  He takes over 4 ships in the Indian Ocean that year, and kills at least 200 crew members of other ships.  There was only one known survivor of his tirades while in charge of the Grand Hermine that year.

1845:  22 years prior to confederation of Canada.  William Lyon MacKenzie trades La Grande Hermine to what would eventually become the state of New York for a large tract of land which currently makes up much of Southwestern Ontario.

1886: One of the ships used to transport statue of Liberty from France to US.

1912: 2nd ship to arrive to attempt to pick up survivors from Titanic sinking.  La Grande Hermine was not equipped with Marconi radio but did see Fireworks from distressed ship and rushed to help.  She did try and pick up a few lifeboats of survivors, but they complained of a bad smell and were immediately transferred to the Carpathia.

1917: She was drafted into the war and rammed a Germany destroyer sinking the ship and drastically changing the tide in WW1 in favour of the Allied Powers.

1941: La Grande Hermine was put into service as an ice breaker.

1947: La Grande Hermine provided transport for Hitler's cat from Berlin to Brazil.

1955: La Grande Hermine is brought into dry-dock for an extensive retrofit.  When she returns to duty as a passenger ferry on the Mississippi River, she has two 3900cid Turbo charged engines and is no longer solely powered by the wind.

1967: Remodeled for Expo '67 in Montreal

1992: US president George Bush, MaCaulay Culkin, LL Cool J and O.J. SImpson are all in attendance as La Grande Hermine celebrates 500 years sailing. 

1996: Retrofit as a luxury Yacht for the Notorious B.I.G. music video: Hypnotize.

1997: A business-man buys La Grande Hermine and has it moved to Jordan Harbour, with the intention of moving it to Niagara Falls, converting it into a restaurant.

2003: Vandals sneak on board and ship is lit on fire, losing most of the wooden super-structure.


Please tell Trudeau: "NO to scraping La Grande Hermine.  AND YES to ghost riding her over the falls."

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!