Save Canadian News & Culture

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In our digital revolution, Canadian news and cultural media is in trouble as it transitions.  Right now, the foreign tech giants aren't required to play by the same rules in terms of taxes, culture, and publishing standards (more truth, less hate, etc.).  It's past time to follow the advice of prior reports and experts:  make the playing field more level, and provide help for the transition.  This is recommended by Richard Stursberg and Stephen Armstrong who write in The Tangled Garden:  Canadian Cultural Manifesto for the Digital Age (2019), if you wait for more studies, "By then, there is likely to be no Canadian industry left to save."

However, if you need to follow your proposed plan of tax credits for news media in the short term, please roll out the money as soon as possible and as arms-length as possible, i.e., improve your current plan.

In addition, reallocate government advertising dollars to Canadian media, rather than chiefly Facebook, Google, etc.  And create a policy to ensure the CBC does not intrude upon the rightful place of other broadcasters (e.g., with digital advertising).

The problems Canadian companies and non-profits are facing are not unique to Canada, they are part of a world-wide revolution.  And Canada can learn from the best practices of others, e.g., Europe and the UK, to ensure our local news and culture are protected.

As stated by the Heritage Minister recently: "The Government of Canada understands that for a democracy to function properly, it needs to have solid, independent news media."  Please act quickly, and then reflect on your chosen course for the future.  What will provide a sustainable, unbiased and diverse media environment? And announce your plans to Canadians in the election campaign.