Rollback Unfair Fee Increases for International Students during a Global Pandemic

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Looking at the grave situation that has taken a toll upon the world affecting people worldwide, it is inevitably true that International Students are the vulnerable population in terms of financial setback that the pandemic had caused. Earlier, International Students were facing numerous job losses, financial scarcity, and mental pressure in order to work as well as maintaining their lifestyle. Regardless of the gruesome situation of the society right now, Fleming College decided to implement a FEE HIKE for the upcoming semesters in multiple programs. As many of you might already know, International students pay thrice the fee as compared to the domestic students. Due to this, some students are forced to pay a whopping $10,000- $12,000 in one semester. One feels cheated as even though knowing about the problems of students across Canada, Fleming College took this unacceptable decision.

Many requests seem to be ineffective in front of the Fleming authorities as numerous requests for FEE ROLLBACK were declined either with pointless justification blaming on the increment in HEALTH PLANS and sometimes stamping a "NO" on the faces of the petitioners. This is not at all fair!

A huge number of International Students have lost their jobs; are not covered under the government announced programs and even if we still have jobs, we not allowed to work for more than 20 hours unless we work in essential services. This pandemic has effected International students' home countries as well. Many students come from financially weak families and even support their parents financially in their home countries. As their business, jobs, income source back home has also been affected.

Imagine being in a foreign country during a global pandemic, alone, without income and then you find out that your fees are Increased. How would you feel?



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