Justin Trudeau Resign

Justin Trudeau is a criminal, traitorous dictator.

He (& his cronies) NEED to be removed before they finish destroying this country worse than what happened to Venezuela.

He should also be barred from ANY Governmental positions after, as well as prosecuted (by a Police organization that will ACTUALLY conduct an investigation rather than fully stop once told to [looking at YOU, Brenda Luckey/ex-Finance Minister Bill Morneau's cousin by marriage), which ought to have been a FRESH Obstruction charge on its own).

Also followed by the appropriate criminal sentences for all he has done & dodged so far as well, obviously. All the way back to why his tenure as a teacher ended...why'd you pay a settlement that also resulted in publications having gag orders then, Justin??? I thought you left to run for PM?!? (spoilers: NOPE)

...it's (actually WELL PAST) time to grow a spine, make some PROPER examples out of Trudeau & his cohorts (so that this does NOT happen again) & take our country BACK, already!!!~

Vincent Nasby, Surrey, Canada
3 months ago
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