Justin Trudeau Resign

I am among the many patriotic Canadians voices who need to be heard. We are not being fairly represented with Trudeau at the helm. So many scandals Justin has not been held accountable for. He has an inability to answer questions a very clear dislike for Canada. He is a danger to the constitution. Will not take a harder stance on China and their 5G technology capabilities in this country. Cannot or will not support the veterans of this country with the respect and help they deserve, while printing money to send out of the country for so many other things. He is using tax dollars to try and implement a firearms confiscation program which is solely aimed at confiscating legally owned private property of responsible and vetted firearms owners. Justin is arrogant and a bully when cornered. He is not in touch with his countrymen. Justin has a very poor choice in the company he keeps in Mr Peter Danglish and Chris Ingalvdson, both these men have charges for sexual crimes against children. There are allegations of Justin having sex with a minor when he was a substitute teacher in the past to which he allegedly paid the family hush money, more and more information coming available on this all the time. Justin’s poor policies and absolute horrendous fiscal and budget management has sent Canada into a tailspin of sovereign debt that we will not be able to recover from. Trudeau is allowing China and globalist banking wolves on our doorstep into buy up private property and continue to impoverish this country and it’s amazing citizens. Time for Trudeau to resign.

McMurray Shirley, Hamilton, Canada
2 months ago
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