Request to accept all pending refugee claimants in Canada

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Canada is a humanitarian country. People from different countries come in Canada for better life & better future. People use their all resources to come in Canada. Canadians also accept all the refugees initially. Due to the overload of immigration applicants, most of the applications take year after year to decide. During those years, all most all refugee claimants work really hard to build better Canada. They hardly break any Canadian rules & regulations. Due to COVID-19, a lot of  refugee claimants became forced to out of work. As they are not permanent residents, they are not allowed to access most of the Government fund. Moreover, legal fees gradually increased more and more whenever they passed one stage to another stage. If anyone failed in initial stage, it becomes a nightmare for them. 
We, refugee claimants, are always with Canada. We are here to save us & build a better future for our family and kids. We cordially request to our Honourable Prime Minister, please accept all of our pending applications & stop deporting us. We are always with Canada & Canadian to build the better Canada. We are ready to accept any conditions to keep alive our dream in Canada.
Please put your trust on us, we will never let you down.