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Repeal Bill M-103 (Anti-Islamophobia Bill)

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On March 23, 2017, Bill M-103 was passed by the House of Commons by a margin on 201-91. The purpose of Bill M-103 is simple- to make it an offence to speak out against Islam. At first glance, this bill seems pretty progressive, and indeed it seeks to be- the goal is not just to prevent the backlash against the Islamic community, but other religious minorities as well. However, the passage of this bill also means that we, as a country, are sacrificing our political freedoms and right to free speech. This has no place in a democratic and free society. As a Muslim myself, I object to the passage of this bill, as it takes away from the basic freedoms as a birthright that all Canadians enjoy, and instead causes this new-found tension to brew further silent resentment, thus creating the opposite effect of the bill, Islamophobia. Why should a certain part of society have an advantage over other people due to their race and religion? Does this bill make it a crime to question the view that Islam is a religion of Peace? Does this bill condemn anyone who tries to speak out against Sharia Law, a part of Islam that cracks down upon the civil rights of Muslim women? Yes, it does. 

The ultimate outcome of M-103 would be more hate towards Islam, not less. The Quebec City Mosque Shooting is a prime example of this, a case of resentment kept in to boil up until the breaking point. Six lives were lost because of this. The passage of this bill is a threat to the democratic system and should be immediately repealed. By allowing this bill to stand, the Liberal Government is effectively silencing its citizens, preventing any sort of rational criticism, and allowing hate-mongering to simmer. In addition, a poll taken before M-103 was passed shows Most Canadians are opposed to M-103.

The goal of this petition is to implore the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau to convince the House of Commons to repeal this archaic bill as soon as possible, and to also convince the House of Commons to see reason and repeal it themselves. We are at a very tense moment in our history, and we must not allow our freedom of speech to be suppressed and ignored in the name of political correctness. To the entire population of Canada, we must take a stand for our freedoms.


Sincerely, a fellow Canadian

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