Remove the Tax from Medical Wigs & Prosthesis!

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We need your Help to Remove the Tax from Medical Wigs & Prosthesis for MEDICAL REASONS WITH DR's PRESCRIPTIONS!

Do you known someone that has purchased a wig or prosthesis for Medical Reasons? If so... Please share and help us reach our goal to make a difference in Patients lives! 

Currently, Medical wigs and Prosthesis (Hairpieces to cover hairloss area) are taxed on even with a Doctor's prescription!!

Medically designed Wigs & Prosthesis are not made in the same manner as Fashion wigs- they are specially designed for cancer patients, Alopecia, surgeries, radiation to the head, burn victims, skin conditions for women, children and men experiencing thinning hair due to medication, thyroid issues, hormones, etc. 

The inside of the medical wigs are handtied and look like real hair coming from the scalp, they also wash and wear very well as the patients usually wear it for over a year.  

There is a great link between hairloss and mental health, Women/Men that experience thinning hair due to medical reasons as well as hairlosss due to chemo go through an extremely emotional journey through the process. (Ask any woman that has faced Cancer what was the one of her first thoughts she had when she was told she would have chemo.... ''Im going to lose my hair'' )

When patients are faced with hairloss ... they goes through a traumatic experience, when their hair falls they are now the 'face of cancer',,,, when they look in the mirror they know it's real, they are sick, they have cancer ,, when they go out in public they feel the looks and sometimes they simply wants to go through life and not feel or look sick, Hairloss is real, and it affects not only the women that loses her hair but also her children and family that see 'my mommy is sick'    

 This is why its important to have access to medical wigs so that they look and feel fabulous in their weakest and most difficult time.  

   As a advocate for Patients - We can use our voice to speak up and lower the tax burden on these individuals already facing illness.