Remove religion from the human rights act and the charter of human rights

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Religion is what divides us all.

The human rights act protects individuals on grounds such as gender, race, sexual orientation ect. These are things that no individual has any control over and rightfully so, it should be protected. Religion is a choice, it's a belief system, it is something that an individual HAS control over.

Let's take for example just recently in Alberta a Sikh man was allowed to evade the law of wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle because of his turban. Now, you see how much outrage this sparked? He has put his safety at risk to follow a religion that he chose to believe in.

I'm not saying religion is bad or that individuals shouldn't practice their religion, just that there should more strict rules in place so that "religious freedom" isn't taken to the extreme. No law or rule should be changed or twisted to meet someone's choice in life, we should all be treated equally. That means all laws and rules should be followed by every single Canadian no matter what their religious belief is. If we continue to let this happen we are only enforcing segregation amongst Canadians instead of being a united front.

Think of the future. Act on this before its too late.