Remove Patty Hajdu from her position as Health Minister.

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Patty Hajdu, graphic designer, is acting as Canada’s Minister of Health despite having zero qualifications to support the position. She is a threat to all Canadians as she continues to deny the severity of COVID-19 and allows flights to freely come in from affected regions with minimal, if any, testing.

According to Mrs. Hajdu, testing for COVID-19 is not mandatory unless a person is showing symptoms; despite the fact that it’s proven to be spread by those who are asymptomatic. 

COVID-19 has affected at least 37 countries and continues to spread rapidly. At this point in time, Canada has 11 reported cases of COVID-19, seven in B.C. and four in Ontario. This is only the beginning thanks to Mrs. Hajdu’s inaction. 

Physicians have urged Canadians to be prepared for a pandemic, to stock up on non perishable food items and prescription medications or “anything one might need if sick for at least a week.” Yet Patty continues to deny the gravity of the situation and tells Canadians the risk to their health is low. 

Please sign this petition which demands that Patty Hajdu be removed from her position as Canada’s Minister of Health and replaced by an individual who possesses a lengthy professional medical background and the proper qualifications to act as Canada’s Minister of Health.