Remove Canada’s Current Gun Ban On Semi Automatic Rifles

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Recently, Mr Trudeau and public safety minister Bill Blair, have banned the most common semi automatic weapons in Canada. These weapons are used primarily by legal, responsible, and law abiding license holders for the purposes of sport shooting and competition. The gun law prohibits 1,500 semi automatic rifles. This law does nothing to help reduce any level of gun crime in the country as statistics around the world have shown. Criminals don’t follow the law to begin with so how is banning these weapons going to prevent them from getting them as they usually do; illegally... 

Mr Trudeau, has banned these commonly used weapons without the approval of Parliament using a “Order in Council” which should be considered an act of a dictatorship. As a Canadian citizen, I have followed the law in all its entirety. I spent my own money to get my licensing and spent my money on purchasing these previously legal weapons. People all around Canada have also done just that. 

Now given the recent events, showing that Canada has indeed become a form of dictatorship, I surely doubt any level of signatures or disapproval from the general populace will make any difference but it is worth a try. 

We need your help to show the leaders and ministers of this country that we as law abiding, hard working citizens do not approve of the forced and unnecessary gun bans.