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Canada welcomes around 400,000 International students each year. Due to the effect of COVID-19 majority of International students have lost there jobs and are being forced to stay at home.

During this period of Crisis there is so much being done by the government to help and support Canadians. However, with help of International students there is a economy boom every year since they pay huge amount of tution to colleges and Universities.

International students do not have help of any kind in this tough times. There are being forced to leave the rented properties since they cannot pay there rent. They cannot afford there daily meals and cannot buy groceries and being out of money.

Due to work restriction of 20hours per week they are first ones who have been laid off from there jobs. Being an immigrant to this country they support to economy in so many ways and help Canada grow.

All International students request to Mr.Justin Trudue to think about these students who are away from there families struggling to survive in this tough time. Even any small help from the side of government would help these students to stay alive and complete there studies to accomplish there dreams.

We all international students request CANADIAN GOVERNMENT and MR.JUSTIN TRUDEAU to help and support us too.